[International Green Energy Expo] Zenia, Air Meca’s Movable Air-Conditioner


Air Meca is showcasing its movable air-conditioner Zenia at the “13th International Green Energy Expo”, which runs for three days from April 6 to 8 at EXCO in Daegu.

With an easy-to-use digital controller, Zenia can be used by anyone. It automatically detects the status of the machinery, so it stops operating when the status is not normal, and the status is notified on the controller. Also, with its flexible discharge duct, it can zone in on the spot where the air should be discharged. It is equipped with 3-inch urethane wheels and a steam condensate detector.

It can be used in factories and industrial spaces like heat treatment facilities, car factories, die-casting factories, smith shops, steel factories and glass factories, and high-temperature and high-moisture places like server rooms and generator rooms. There are other places like the dry cleaners, cafeterias, indoor golf links, and kitchens where it can be placed and used.

The “13th International Green Energy Expo” is a business arena in which companies from solar power, wind power, and new renewable energy fields participate to meet domestic and international buyers with real purchasing power. Various products and services related to materials, components, design, construction, operation services, consulting, green cars, secondary batteries, fuel cells, and solar smart grids will be introduced at the event.

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